Unemployment benefits

Unemployment benefits in Norway are granted, if you:

  • Have completely lost your job or your working hours have decreased by more than 50% compared with the previous workload.
  • During the previous 12 months you earned at least NOK 149,787 or NOK 299,574 over the last 3 calendar years (2017-2019).
  • You are registered in NAV system as an active jobseeker and send reports every 14 days (meldekort).
  • You live in Norway, actively seek employment, update your resume, and comply with other NAV requirements (attend the appointments, courses, etc.).

The unemployment benefit totals 62.4% of former income. If you have minor children, you are entitled to top-up benefit (NOK 17 per day).

When do you get the first payment of unemployment benefits:

  • If you have been dismissed at the employer's initiative, you are entitled to the unemployment benefits since day 4 after the registration with NAV.
  • If you leave job voluntarily, payment of benefits commences in 12 weeks after the registration with NAV.


The price of processing the unemployment benefits is - 99 eur

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Receive information by emailWe send you all necessary information on the progress of processing the unemployment benefit. We let you know what documents will be required.
Submit your documentsScan and send your documents to us by e-mail or copies thereof by regular mail.
We submit your application for unemployment benefitsWe fill out an application for the unemployment benefits and file it with NAV for further consideration. We register you in NAV system as a jobseeker and train you on how to use this system.
Enjoy the resultAfter NAV have considered your application for the unemployment benefits, you will receive a confirmation by regular mail, and you will soon be able to receive payments to your bank account.

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Unemployment benefits