Registration with the police

Citizens of Lithuania have the right to work, study, and live in Norway. If you intend to live in Norway for more than 3 months, you must register with the police and obtain a residence permit.

We will help you to complete the application for registration and arrange a meeting at the local police station at your preferred time.

We will specify which documents you need to have during the meeting.

We do not currently provide this service.
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Receive information by emailWe send you all necessary information on the progress of registration with the police. We let you know what documents and information will be required.
Submit your documentsScan and send your documents and required information to us by e-mail or copies thereof by regular mail.
We complete the application for registrationWe fill out an application for your registration with the police, which you need to print and have it with you for the meeting at your local police station. We arrange for a scheduled appointment and let you know what documents you need to have with you.
Enjoy the resultYou go to the meeting at your local police station at the scheduled time.

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Registration with the police