Skatt, UAB will only process customer data for the purpose of providing the services. The company guarantees that customer data will not be processed for purposes other than those needed for the provision of services, also that such data will not be disclosed to third parties.

The person submitting the application form shall be responsible for the accuracy of such application form. Skatt, UAB does not undertake to verify the accuracy of data or documents submitted. Upon refusal of declaration/application by respective competent authority due to false data/information provided by the client, failure or delay in filing the required documents, and other reasons beyond the control of Skatt, UAB, the payment made for the service will not be refunded.

Skatt, UAB helps processing the income-tax returns of natural persons only. We do not process the income-tax returns of legal entities (Enkeltpersonforetak). If the customer has applied for processing an income-tax return owning an Enkeltpersonforetak type company in Norway, our company will only process the customer’s, as a natural person’s, income-tax return (legal entity’s income-tax return will not be submitted).