Child benefits

Do you work in Norway and have children under the age of 18? You are entitled to these child benefits in Norway (regardless of whether your children live in Norway or in another EØS (EEA) country):

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Barnetrygd child benefits processing fee is - 119 EUR (regardless of the number of children).

You can recover child benefits for the past period, even if you are no longer employed in Norway. Barnetrygd benefits are refunded for the last 3 years. Kontantstøtte benefits are refunded for the last 3 months.

We also process maternity/paternity benefits, paternal quota and and lump-sum grant on birth. For these services, please contact us by e-mail or by phone: + 47 966 99 889; +370 615 455 66

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Receive information by emailWe send you all necessary information on the progress of processing the child benefits. We let you know what documents will be required.
Submit your documentsScan and send your documents to us by e-mail or copies thereof by regular mail.
We submit your application for benefitsWe fill out necessary applications for child benefits and submit them to NAV for further consideration. When you have received letters from NAV, scan and send them to us by e-mail or copies thereof by regular mail. The consideration of application takes approximately 6 months.
Enjoy the resultAfter NAV have considered your application for child benefits, you will receive a confirmation by regular mail, and you will soon be able to receive payments to your bank account. You can also get benefits on your Lithuanian bank account.

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